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Looking for a superior method for generating Illumina compatible RNA-seq libraries from total RNA or mRNA enriched samples? QIAseq Stranded RNA Library Kits generate highly complex and strand-specific RNA-seq libraries from low RNA amounts of various origins and species, ready for use on Illumina NGS platforms. QIAseq Stranded RNA Library Kits use a unique protocol, which does not require actinomycin D to retain strand specificity or dUTP to ensure stranded library construction, thereby ensuring highly sensitive detection of low-expression RNA molecules with increased complexity and transcript coverage.

For applications such as gene expression, fusion gene or mutation detection, QIAseq Stranded mRNA Select Kits include an optimized mRNA enrichment protocol with all the reagents and components required to build high-quality RNA-seq libraries. The QIAGEN proprietary CleanStart PCR Mix included with kits efficiently and uniformly amplifies the RNA-seq library regardless of the GC content of the template, while also protecting against PCR contamination. Kits are compatible with fresh, as well as FFPE samples. The streamlined, 4–5 hour protocol allows the generation of NGS libraries, library QC measurements and the start of an NGS run in just one working day.